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TNW Media Blitz: runs two months enclusive at a rate of $3500 per month - Comprehensive Media Targeting, Follow-Up and Results

What We Do


TNW Media is a subsidiary of TheNewswire and is a consortium of seasoned, front-line journalists specializing in press release creation, media targeting, follow-up, and story placement.

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We maintain the most accurate media databases available and whether your story involves Artificial Intelligence, Video Gaming - or anything in between - we have you covered.

Our mission is to help you create your story, and deliver it to the appropriate reporters who cover your industry. 

We then physically call and follow-up with those newsrooms to assure media coverage.

With rampant newsroom downsizing, reporters currently receive anywhere from 150-300 email press release pitches per day. Unless someone picks up the 500-pound telephone, calls and follows up, the odds of media coverage are essentially nil.

Let us do the heavy lifting.


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P: 403-463-4119